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This new hotel "Gonachhir" was built at the and of the year 2002, it is located in reserved area at a road fork in the roads Sev. Location - Dombai, at the bottom of mountains on the Gonachhir's river bank. Original European looks is marking it out of other privet hotels. "Gonachhir" is the first hotel which you meet traveling from Teberda to Dombai.

Developed infrastructure includes a guarded parking, restaurant with home cooking, improved with modern audio and light systems. There is also a piano of XVIII century in restaurant. All autonomous systems guarantee hot and cold water every time. There are a billiard's table and a sauna as well. You can also borrow skis, snowboards and airplanes. There are guides and instructors at you service. Furthermore you will be taken to a cable-ways by a minibus every day.

This hotel for 38 beds places includes:
Single rooms for 1 or 2 beds places on "penthouse" floor with detached beds, wardrobe, two bedside-tables, TV, balcony, toilet, bathroom and a fridge (which is in hall).
Single rooms for 2 persons with a double bed, wardrobe, two bedside-tables, TV, toilet and bathroom.
Single rooms for 2 or 3 beds places (big living area, with an extra bed in penthaus) with a double bed, wardrobe, two bedside-tables, fridge, table and a balcony.
Single rooms for 2 or 3 people (big living area) with a double bed, wardrobe, two bedside-tables, fridge, table and a balcony.

Double Half lux for 3 or 4 beds places with a double bed, two folding chairs, sofa, wardrobe, two bedside-tables, telephone, TV, fridge, table. There is a solarium with deck-chairs, table and a small swimming pool in apartment number 21.

The "penthouse" floor includes 4 rooms, 3 lavatories and a big balcony with a beautiful view. There are beds, sofas, soft furniture, TV, and a fridge. You can occupy it with 10-12 people together (8 main places and 4 extra places for children).

A triple two-storeyed lux (130 square meters) with a fireplace, two bedrooms one of this is with a sauna. Lavatory includes jacuzzi and a bidet. There are only two rooms like this in hotel.

A double lux (150 square meters). There are 3 balconies and a beautiful view from a bedroom's window. A lavatory includes jacuzzi and a bidet.

All autonomous systems guarantee hot and cold water every time.

There are balconies, TVs and telephones in every room. Bathrooms improved with good sanitary engineering and warm floor. Lavatories in luxs improved with jacuzzis.

Nourishment: restaurant with home cooking.

You can also borrow skis, snowboards. There are a drying room and a safe room to leave skis and snowboards there.

There is also a guarded parking place.

Skibus: transportation to cable-ways on a 12 seats minibus.

On holydays price become two times higher. If you are going to stay more then 3 days, you can discuss a price with owner.

New hotel based on other Dombai's minihotels.
It is located in beautiful scenery at the bottom of a mountain near the mountain river. Good place for taking walks (especially in summer season) in the best places of reserved area: there is the Gonachhir canyon, hotel is not far from Teberda as well as from Dombai.

Far from cable-ways and slopes.

Telephone numbers: +7 928 939 80 57 (Aleksander),+7 928 90 80 261 (Valera), (8634) 33-95-97, Fax. (8634) 31-52-08

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