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Hotel "Sulahat"

Name of the hotel "Sulahat" is based on a legend about a girl, whose name is the name of the most legendary alp in Dombai - Sulahat.

This cozy and quiet hotel is located in a housing estate (in a village) near a shopping center. This place is surrounded by a fir forest that is why this district sometimes call "Fir district". It is in the first four-storeyed house when you pass the bridge over Amanauz.

Distance from the hotel to funicular is 100-150 meters; to the first 1-person chair lift is 250-300 meters. Hotels "Dombai", "Krokus" and "Sulahat" together it is one big sports center "Dombai".

Up to 47 people can occupy "Sulahat" hotel. Apartments (single for 2 or 3 beds places and double for 5 beds places) are on three floors:
2 beds places: 2nd floor є 13, 14,15, 16
3 beds places: 1st floor є 4, 3, 2nd floor є 9, 10, 11, 12, 3rd floor є 17, 18, 19, 20
double 4 beds places (2+2): 1st floor
double 5 beds places (2+3):3rd floor є 21, 22

Simple clean cozy rooms with all conveniences.

There are a ski depository and warm garage.

There is no kitchen in the hotel so you will have to eat somewhere else. Travel agencies usually organize two or three meals a day nourishment in hotels "Dombai", "Krokus" or in other hotels on "Dombai's" meadow.

There are no any entertainments in the hotel, but due to locating near hotel "Mountain peaks" and other entertainment centers, funicular and shopping center guests are able to use a swimming pool, bowling, casino and sauna with big bath with cold water in "Mountain peaks" hotel, massage rooms, Russian sauna, disco, cafes and bars which are located near "Sulahat" in a radius 100-200 meters.

Quiet (in contrast to the 8 floor of "Mountain peaks" hotel where you can't sleep listening to a disco noise on the 9 floor).

It is located in a fir forest.

" There is no kitchen (although not everybody in other hotels have nourishment and prefer eating in cafes instead);
" There are no entertainments although it isn't a disadvantage for somebody.


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