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Hotel "Twin Peaks"

It is located near the entrance between Muruju town and "Teberda" cafe.
You have to enter the arch that is on the right.

Owner is Misha, director is Igor'.

From one window you can see the "Teberda" cafe from other you can see mountains.
There are 5 modern apartments in hotel and one lux that consists of 2 rooms: a hall and a bedroom occupied with a double bed, wardrobe and a soft Belgian carpet on the floor. There are TV, soft folding sofa and an armchair (you can ask for a folding one as well) in hall. So 4 or 5 people can occupy this apartment. But you will have to pay for an extra bed (folding armchair).
Lavatory is occupied with big corner bath, good sanitary engineering and mirrors.
Other 2 double apartments are similar to each other. These are clean and wide so 4 people can occupy it.
One-room apartment is double, dressing room is with a bath (a simple one).
Another double apartment is for 6 beds places. It is very simple. It is just two rooms with beds.
There is autonomous heating so when there is electricity there is hot water too. There is a kitchen there, it is 10 meters from the hotel, in "Forelnoe" cafe. In May 2002 had started building of own restaurant and sauna.

1. One double apartment, one-room;
2. One double for 6 beds places, up to 10 people can occupy it;
3. Two double half-luxs for 2-4 beds places;
4. One double lux for 2-4 beds places.

Every apartment are occupied with bathroom, TV, fridge, bed-side tables and a table.
Apartments є 2,3,4 are occupied with soft furniture and wardrobes as well.

1. There is no big hall where guests can have a party together.
2. Cafe is a detached house, that means if you want to eat you will get dressed and cross the street where the cafe is. Maybe it is the advantage in summer you can walk 5-10 meters.
3. Two apartments from five have one stairway other three have absolutely detached entries.
4. There have been building a restaurant near the hotel so it is a little bit dirty there.
5. Apartment for 6 beds places is very simple it is just 2 rooms.

1. The director (Igor') is very polite and loyal. If a guest needs something he will definitely help. In case of a big problem he calls different places and usually solves the problem (even with excursions and borrowing equipment), Misha helps sometimes.
One woman had come and shouted that a sewer in her lux was broken. Igor' listened and in half an hour sewer was fixed.
2. A lavatory and a bathroom are separated and there is a bath but not a shower like in other hotels in Dombai.
3. Decor is without provincial coloring - there is European style in the hotel.
4. Two apartments have absolutely detached entries. If you like solitude you are being able to never meet with your neighbors.
5. Very good heating, you won't be frozen.
6. If you feel like going down right to the bottom you will come to the hotel's door.

You have to pay for an apartment.
4 people can occupy lux (2 are on beds, 2 are on folding sofa). If there will come 2 families with children, children can sleep on folding armchairs then but you will have to pay for these.
Nourishment is not included.

There are 2 seasons in winter - New Year and the rest season. There may be cost changes - special offers - you better catch it.

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