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Press-Release of Dombai Snowboard Camp

Projects of the Diploma for winners in slope-style

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Bard Festival "Dombai's Waltz"

Climbing Arhyz.

Arhyz. Upper reaches of the river Sofia.

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Elbrus Region

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Telephone numbers oh the hotels in Elbrus region


Krasnaya Poliana

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Telephone numbers oh the hotels in Krasnaya Poliana


RB2 Network

RB2 Network

Heli-ski from Elbrus

Action Programm (approximately).

Start is going to be on 18 or 25 of July.

The programm is going to last for 5 days, departure from Moscow on Thursday evening either by AstAir (the former Karat) from AirPort Domodedovo to Nalchik or by KavMinVody Avia from AiroPort Vnukovo to Caucasus MinVody. Arrival is followed by the transfer to one of the hotels in the Elbrus region (PriElbrusie), most likely to the Hotel Cheget.

Next day, friday, is going to start with a short acclimatization. At least this is a time to regain consciousness after a long way (the arrival time to the hotel is quite a deep night).

Next 2 days Saturday and Sunday (in case of good weather) is going to be skiing from Elbrus providing the transfer to the top by the helicopter Mi-8MT.

During the skiing the group will be escorted by the 2 or 3 ski-guides (depending on the number of persons in the group). One of this guides is the vanguard showing the safety way while the others are rearguards.

Sunday night is the departure time to one of the hotels in either Nalchik or MinVody.

And in monday morning arrivel to Moscow.
Last year we have already succesfully reserved both helicopter and guides so enaugh experience in organization the action once more. No need to pay for the helicopter in advance, i.e. all must be paid direct tat the place. The helicopter will be cost approximately 500$ per person if there will be at least 6 persons in the group. The more persons the cheaper the price. Included are :

  • the helicopter transfer from Nalchik and back
  • 2-3 transfers of the group to the top of Elbrus
    You may come to the Elbrus region by your own, but if someone wants to come together with us, so the money for transfer we will collect in advance (airplane + hotel transfer + guides)
    The only problem may occur in case of bad weather - we'll come to Elbrus but No heli-ski. This is a risk.

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