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RB2 Network

Climbing with guide.

Dombai has enaugh infrastructure (hotels, well experienced guides, rescuer service, transport from/to the nearest airport Minvody) to remain the center of both climbing and mountain tourism.

So you've already wanted to feel the mountain climat and to find your own peak. Earlier you often envyed those crazy sunburnt and weather-beaten fellows with alpenstocks and ice axes in their hands. You are not late. You never late.

Dombai has microregions suitable for the beginners and for commercial climbing. This regions are suit both for trainings and for the initial climbing as a first stage for the special training to more difficult routes.

Main features of the programm "Climbing with guide" :

The Guide meets group in Dombai (or organizes uncoordinated groups together with single clients into the Climbing group). He has special radio equipment to connect to rescue service, medkit, climbing instructions, route descriptions and all needed documents from rescue service to start the climbing. He is totaly in charge of the group.


Sport training

  • Climbing with with the very beginners (including those who wants to take the exam on "Russian Climber" badge = so called "Badges")
  • Climbing with "Badges"(including those who wants to take the exam on the 3-d range Climber)
  • Climbing with more experienced climbers (of 2-nd and 1-st ranges)

    Commercial programms

  • Climbing of high difficulty with unexperienced clients (Climbing with "bourgeois")

    Management of periodical training, ex. imagine 100 people coming to Dombai on 2 buses to train inclimbing. The Guide provides totaly everything starting from hotel reservation and rescue service permitions up to personal guides to each group. In this case the Guide manages the staff of young guides who knows each stone in the region and are well experienced in climbing.

    See detailes here...

    Here is short list of proposed routes for training

    1. Climbing in the region of Alibekand Dvuyazychny (Double-tongue) Glaciers .

    Jalauchat 3680 m.

  • 1 B including Jalauchat pass
    Ice-Snow route with crevasses overcoming.
  • 2 B through the West-North ridge
    Complimentary route - snow, ice, rocks. Approach through the closed glacier, a lot of difficult rock and ice parts on the route.

    Razdelny 3300 m. 2A (Rocks) to South-West ridge
    Short Rocky route with interesting and difficult parts.

    Sulahat 3409 2A Rock traverse South-North and North-South
    "Rock Laboratory". Experienced climbers use this route as acclimatization procedure - long and very beautiful traverse of middle difficulty. The best way to Beginners to polish their experience coming from trainings on rocks.

    2. Climbing in the Belalakaya glacier region:

    Peak Alibek 3450 m. 1B to the North-West crest
    Coplimentary snow+ice route. One of the shortest and simliest routes on Dombai. Frankly speaking, this fellow is not very impressive :-)))

    Peak Cap 3400 m.

  • 1B Rocky route from Belalakaya glacier
    Complementary snow+ice route.
  • 2 B rocky route to North-East ridge
    Rocky route with different rocky relief. The key place - rocky "saw" along with the ridge and "psycology" ledge - quite safety but scareful.

    German ComSoMol 3600 m. 2A to North-West crest
    Complementary snow+ice route with rocky parts. Overcoming of snow-and-ice "knifes" with cornices.

    3. Climbing at the Sofrudju region:

    Amanauz/Main/ 3760 m. 3B to West ridge
    Complementary long route. To start the route you must overcome 1 B route to South Sofrudju.

    Belalakaya 3861 m.

  • 3A Rocky to South ridge
    Interesting rocky route - the simpliest route to the most beautiful peak in the region - Belalakaya.
  • 3 B rocky route from the North
    One of the most popular routes became Classical. Difficult rocky sections, demand experienced climbing. You must use all technical equipment both at "Saharov's" gendarme and at the final stage - tower.

    Belalakaya 3748 m.

  • 2A from North-East
  • 2B from Sofrudju pass through the South ridge
  • 3A from the Belalakaya pass
    Rocky route having ice section in the middle.

    Sofrudju 3781 m. Ice+Rocky route from the North 1B
    You must use special snow+ice both technique and tactic for the closed glacier.

    Sofrudju Tooth 3600 m. 3 A Rocky from the South
    It looks like absolutelly inaccessible when take a glance from Dombai. Approach to the route through the closed glacier. It is very interesting rocky route demanding good climbing experience and utilization of technical equipment.

    4. Regiom of the massive Dombai-Ulgen:

    Dombai /Small/ 3800 m.

  • 2A Rocky route to the West ridge
    Very interesting rocky route.
  • 2B rocky route starting from the Dombai saddle
    Recently this route was classified as 3 A, but its crazy popularity makes its range to come down to 2 B. Climbing on the ridge is not technicaly difficult. But there are a lot of such climbing. In addition, all over the route the right side of the ridge looks like vertical wall of 1,5 km hight without any jut. So you are climbing right the edge of this Wall 5 hours!!!
    You can't overcome the Wild Scare, and it doesn't matter if you are experienced climber or the beginner. Onli fool is not scared!!!

    Dombai /Main/ 4046 m. 3B Rocky route from the Dombai saddle.
    The route to the highest peak in the region. Big range of altitude. Maximum safety needed in climbing. The route state strongly depended on the weather.

    In addition the Dombai region there are a lot of routes of more ranges of difficulty from 4A up to 6A.

    For the consulting and additional info call
    Shvyrev Andrey (Glebych): In Stavropol (Russia) 77-58-48

    In Dombai 58-138 (available only through voice assistant)


    If you decided to climb and need the Guide - call Glebych too.


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